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Reliable freight

Count on a consistent workload.

75% of Mariner freight comes directly from customers. Ask us about contracted frieght opportunities with first right of refusal.

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Desirable lanes

Haul where you want.

Mariner's network offers our carriers strong regional fto and from major metros. Ask us about drop and hook availability.

Yellow Communication

Responsive communication

Get prompt answers when you need them.

Communicate with the Mariner team through your preferred method. Do you prefer phone calls? Need a paper trail? We customize communication for your needs.

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Accessible payables

Get paid on time, from anywehere.

Mariner offers live, human interactions so you can stay informed on your account balance. Ask us about quickpay options.

Word on
the street

Quotation marks

I spoke with the owner, and we are very appreciative of you helping us out and working with us on the rate as well as moving loads. Since you take such good care of us, we are not going to request detention for this load and will pay the driver ourselves. I appreciate you all very much!

PTD, Inc

PTD, Inc

We have worked with Mariner for a long time and love working with them. They are very professional, quick, respectful, easy to communicate with, and are very kind people to work with as a whole!

Inna-Premier Trucking

Inna-Premier Trucking

Working with Mariner has been a pleasure. I have no issues with communication and Samantha is always available to assist me.

Big Blue Express

Big Blue Express

Mariner is my "go to" company when I need GOOD, QUALITY loads for my trucks. Samantha is over and beyond willing to help in any way needed. She is knowledgeable, kind, caring, thoughtful and truly a superstar in her field.

Denali Ridge Transport, LLC

Denali Ridge Transport, LLC

Mariner is great to work with. One thing that stands out to me is their great customer service and it shows that they value us as a carrier.



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